Enter Activation Code - Enter Code To Register Device is a registration portal of Amazon Prime from which members can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free from their device some features require a premium subscription. The instant video service can only be watched after registering your device with a simple subscription code.

What is amazon prime tv?

Amazon prime paid for online streaming services used at gives users access to a variety of services such as instant delivery, watching unlimited online videos, online movies, or premium videos. Users can watch instant videos for free or with amazon prime membership.

How to register or activate a device for Prime Video at

    1. Go to from browser of your choice to register device.
    2. Login-in with your amazon prime account.
    3. Register on the Prime Web Page at to enroll.
    4. Enter the Enter the “Amazon mytv activation code” and click on “Register my device”, From TV Screen.
    5. Enjoy Streaming Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime free trial

    1. Firstly sign in to your account then click on the free trial option.
    2. There you will need your account information, Add details.
    3. Then click on the continue or ok button.
    4. You will be asked for a credit card information
    5. Put the credit card details(Don’t worry about the deduction of money from your card as the details are for security reasons)
    6. Then your free trial for 30 days is On.
    7. After a free trial, it asks you to pay for your first subscription after a month.

How to activate using amazon prime activation code?

    1. Open your Smart TV application store and search for “Prime Video” application.
    2. Now download and install the application on your TV.
    3. Open the “Amazon Prime video application” on your TV.
    4. Click on “Register on the Prime site”.
    5. You will see the “Prime Video activation code” on your brilliant TV.
    6. Go to enter code gateway.
    7. Sign in to your account.
    8. Enter the “Amazon mytv activation code” for what it’s displayed on your TV screen.
    9. Click on “Register Device” option.
    10. That is the means by which to effectively register and activate Primevideo mytv on TVs.

Importance of Amazon Prime video subscription

    1. It provides a free trial of one month.
    2. Especially for the prime members the delivery time of products is within 2 days. The delivery is so fast.
    3. Amazon mytv provides you the highest quality of HD videos.
    4. It also provides you the best streaming of sound qualities of videos.
    5. Amazon com mytv subscription can allow you to add your favorite channels.

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